Please, can’t you reduce usage of acronyms? (or, well, explain them)

I know, I tend to use acronyms too, but seriously, seeing all blog posts and comments and sites where there are lots of acronyms to designate stuff and to gain some time, well, sometimes it makes me want to bang my head against the wall.

Particularly when it is used multiple times and it is never explained what it means. Because, obviously, everybody knows, right?

Except, well, when you are from a bit of a different background – for me, it’s because english is not my mother tongue or the language I daily use. And it’s frustrating because, ok, there is google and wikipedia, except since many people loooove 3-letters acronyms, it means many 3-letters acronyms actually can mean a lot of things. So you have to check and guess what the most probable is.

I mean, ok, I understand the need for e.g. LGBT, but when one in every three words is an acronym, it’ a bit too much, right?


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Return to “Reclaim the night” march in Lille, 29th may 2010

Ok, this blog is not very active but since the idea was to visibilize some feminist stuff we do in France or in Lille, let’s start with the “reclaim the night” march which took place last 29th of may.

Well, actually it wasn’t really a “Reclaim the night”, I’m roughly translating, it was “MANIF DE NUIT FEMINISTE NON-MIXTE FEMMES, LESBIENNES, GOUINES, BISEXUELLES, ASEXUELLES, HETEROSEXUELLES, PANSEXUELLES (QUE NOUS SOYONS TRANS OU CISGENRES)“, which would basically translate as “Feminist night demonstration, only for women, lesbians, dykes, bisexual/asexual/heterosexual/pansexual female (whether we’re trans or cis)”

We were quite a number of feminists to organize it and I found it really cool that there was an effort on inclusivity and linking with other oppressions : lesbophobia, transphobia, racism, discrimination against sex workers…

The demonstration took place the 29th of may, around 10pm and we started walking in the Vieux Lille, shooting slogans and with really cool signs. There were numerous macho men who shouted at us but we shouted back and it was quite powerful to see that in group we were not forced to shut up.

Unfortunately we were quickly surrounded by policemen (and one policewoman) who blocked us and prevented us from going further, which was very frustating, particularly as we had to endure the sexist/lesbophobic/transphobic comment of said policemen.

We were forced to “dissolve” the demonstration and to stop it here, but we met back at the LGBT center “J’en Suis J’y Reste” for a great end of evening.

So, well, it was really pretty cool. This was my first demonstration without men and it was pretty great to organize and to participate. Thankfully, we should organize another soon đŸ™‚

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Hello folks !

Hi ! Just some words about myself.

My name is Butch Cassidyke, I am a dyke (yeah, that’s very surprising, uh?) living in Lille, France and I’d like to share some informations about some feminist stuff we do here in France and things I write and  when I am angry and want to shout something.

I mean, it’s a blog.

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